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Current Courses

ENVS*3310 Soil Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function W (4-0) [0.50]

Soils are the site of complex interactions between minerals, water, air, organic matter and living organisms.  This course will focus on the organisms that live in the soil and their activities in soil ecosystems, soil as a habitat for organisms, the key role of microorganisms in nutrient cycles and plant-microbe relationships and will review basic soil microbial and ecological principles.  

ENVS*4320 Laboratory and Field Methods in Soil Biodiversity W (1-3) [1.00]  Co-teaching with Paul Voroney

A weekly 3 hour lab course designed to give students a chance to get first hand experience in a lab.

ENVS*6190 Environmental Microbial Technology W (3-3) [0.50] 

The graduate course in Environmental Microbial Technology will provide an interactive forum for students to participate in an advanced discussion on current techniques and research in environmental microbiology. Using a combination of oral presentations by students, written assignments, and laboratory demonstrations, students will be given the opportunity to discuss and debate current issues in environmental microbiology.