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0:04-I’m a soil microbiologist and what I’m really

0:07-interested in is how different human impacts

0:11-effect soil microbial communities and how

0:14-that affects important ecosystem functions that

0:17-we’re interested in. So things like nutrient cycling or

0:20-greenhouse gas emissions or contaminant remediation.

0:24-I think one of my favorite things about being

0:27-a graduate student advisor is seeing how the students

0:30-grow and change over time. And so it’s great to see that

0:34-when they first start in my lab group they come in

0:36-and they, you know, they knock on my door

0:38-and they’re asking lots of questions and asking about

0:40-how to do methodology and what they should be

0:42doing in the lab. And as the time goes on and they’re,

0:46-you know, finishing their PhDs, they basically come to

0:48-my office to chat about their lives and chat about

0:51-the research and, you know, talk about different things

0:54-that are important to them, so. It’s really neat to see the

0:56-transition from coming in as a, kind of a new student,

0:59-and going out as a colleague.